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For nearly two decades, our pioneering leaders have ventured beyond the boundaries of corporate groups and alliances, advocating that we combine strengths and join hands as a family to overcome
the problems we face.

Get recognized and rewarded for the success you achieve through NPUSA.
Join the global leaders to lead the world to a healthier and wealthier future.

Chang, Tjin-Hsiung
Presenting Naturally Plus to the World with Gratitude and Appreciation
Lives in:
Taipei, Taiwan
Registered in:
February 2004
Company name:
Yun-yun Co., Ltd.

Left the beauty industry and challenged the promising MLM. Joined Naturally Plus in 2004 and quickly became the top distributor
in Taiwan. His group expanded across Asia, developing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Mainland China, playing an important role in Naturally Plus international expansion. He is the first Taiwanese 10 million dollar earner.

Yoshinobu Muraki
I feel the need to keep challenging myself and increasing my potential.
Lives in:
Hong Kong, China
Registered in:
September 2001
Company name:

While studying at university, he embarked on a textiles-related business, but after developing a company with annual sales of 3 billion yen, the bubble burst and he was left with a huge amount of debt. Using his experience as a business owner he decided to focus his future on Naturally Plus. Only 11 months after registration he was receiving a monthly income with 8 digits. His current base of operations is in Hong Kong. He became a 10 million dollar earner in August 2012.

Tsutomu Asaba
Seize the greatest chance you will ever have to live your own way!
Lives in:
Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Registered in:
November 2000
Company name:
Team Pleasure Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university, he worked for a large manufacturer via a trading company. He initially started a different MLM as a side business. After recognizing the potential of Naturally Plus, he joined the company and has continued to move forward with his colleagues, pushing for success. He is the president of Team Pleasure and became a 10 million dollar earner in August 2012.

Takamasa Abe
Tohoku is breathing life into Japan!The strength of the team is the backbone of the Sendai group.Before Naturally Plus came into my life, my business had failed, I was swimming in debt and had hit rock bottom. It was at
that time I was introduced to Naturally Plus. When I started my business, I had no
financing, no contacts and no credit. All I had was my driver’s license and a loan.
Lives in:
Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Registered in:
January 2001
Company name:
Good Web Ltd.

He is a top leader who has used seminar activities as the basis to increase the number of business members and built the foundations of Naturally Plus in Tohoku. He is still engaged in his hobby of motorcycle racing. Became a 10 million dollar earner in March 2, 2011

Masako Hamada
“Treasuring each and every day, I hope to make a difference in society and the lives of my
Lives in:
Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan
Registered in:
March 2000
Company name:
Aoi Japan KK.

Opened her own shop at the age of 40. Expanded the business to three shops while fighting a battle with Behçet’s disease. Has made tremendous contributions to the Naturally Plus culture, offering support beyond corporate group and alliance affiliations. Became a 10 million dollar earner in June 2007.

Kazuya Suzuki
Let’s make our dreams come true together with Naturally Plus!After graduating from university, I first joined a network business company. Then in June 2000, 20 years later, I came across Naturally Plus. My initial impression at the time was that freedom from the risk of monthly deadlines and stock levels, it is a unique business plan, with a breakthrough binary format where virtually anyone can succeed. Became a 10 million dollar earner in January 2008.
Lives in:
Tokyo, Japan
Registered in:
June 2000
Company name:
Suzuki Group Ltd.


Takashi Tajima
The CEO of NPUSA and Director of NP Group. With over 20 years of experience in the industry as both a top distributor and corporate executive. After gaining experience in the industry as a top distributor in a Japanese MLM company, earning several million USD in his 20’s, joined NP as an executive in charge of opening one of the first offices overseas in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As a skilled trainer, he has helped many distributors in Asia to achieve their success and now, he takes the lead to expand NP globally to the West.

NPUSA Business Development Div. 
Vice President Norimichi Ono
A young executive with in-depth understanding of the values of NP. Having lived in over 7 different countries across 5 continents (Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Zambia, UK, USA (Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington), Nepal and Japan), Norimichi Ono is the source of International knowledge and experience, crucial to building a trans-global enterprise. Fluent at a native level in both English and Japanese, he is the spokesmen with understanding of cultural differences and diversity. He is a speaker with over 5 years of experience, making hundreds of presentations and important announcements at events exceeding 1000 participants.

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